Wolf River Restoration Series: Two Successful March Projects


The end of March is upon us, and the Conservancy is happy to report on the great successes of the 2021 Wolf River Restoration Series thus far.  With an Earth Day project still remaining in the series, we have already engaged nearly 200 volunteers who served over 330 hours.  Volunteers planted over 900 trees and removed dozens of tires and bags of trash from the floodplain during our Annual Tree Planting and World Water Day events. This great impact has come as we all navigate through reduced group sizes and other restrictions due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Another positive note is that 475 people have attended or viewed our Restoration Lecture Series via online broadcasting.  Most recently, prior to our World Water Day project, ia very engaged crowd listened, learned, and asked questions to Dr. Brian Waldron about the Memphis Sand Aquifer. Earlier in March, another large crowd tuned in to learn about the American Chestnut from Dr. Hill Craddock and Dr. Rob Laport.  You can watch those lectures by clicking on the hyperlinks above.  Our first program in January was right on target for MLK Day, with a discussion of "The Adventure Gap" by author James Mills.

The Wolf River Restoration Series ends with celebrations of Earth Week.  On April 21st, Cassius Cash, the current Superintendent of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and native Memphian, leads a discussion on his experiences. Joining him is Dana Soehn, the Park Spokesperson. Here is a link to register.  Volunteers can also register for our Earth Day on the Greenway project at our 138-acre Epping Way property along Phase 9 of the Wolf River Greenway on April 24th.

Our thanks to the Wolf River Restoration Series Presenting Sponsor, Brother International, and to our other sponsors Bank of America, Buckman, Chris-Hill Construction Co., FedEx, International Paper, and Ring Container Technologies!


Posted by Cathy Justis at 12:59 PM