Summer Paddling for Youth and Families: Building Skills, Making Memories

Our Summer Paddling Program for Youth and Families was a great success this June, training 46 people of all ages, many of whom had never paddled a canoe before. Three different groups participated in three 4-day training sessions from June 8-25, starting out in the calm waters of a lake, getting a chance to try out a kayak and a stand-up paddleboard, and ending the week with a trip down a section of the Wolf River.  Families were able to learn together and now they'll be able to paddle together in the future!

On the morning of June 19th, an additional group of 23 Girls Inc. girls and their adult counselors met WRC staff at a lake for a brief introduction to canoeing. For most, this was their very first time in a canoe and they found it quite exciting.

Our thanks to the Lichterman Loewenberg Foundation and the Outdoor Foundation for helping to make our Summer Paddling Program for Youth and Families possible!

In addition to the Summer Paddling Program, the WRC River Guides conducted a special Father's Day training on June 21 and 27.  The training for 14 participants ages 6 to 60 took place on a lake at Shelby Farms on the 21st.  Topics covered include water safety, equipment, river reading and basic paddle strokes.  On the 27th the group successfully paddled from Houston Levee to Walnut Grove Rd. on the Wolf River.




Posted by Cathy Justis at 9:22 PM