WRC's Faith in Action Clean Up Projects

WRC staff teamed up with Buckman and Nexair employees to clean up a stretch of N. McLean on April 10th. The results: 45 bags of trash and 40 tires; 25 volunteers.


On April 18th, we worked with another great group of 16 volunteers at our Gerber property on Mud Island, cleaning up 45 bags of trash and 75 tires.


And on April 25th, a hardy group of 12 volunteers attacked some huge piles of trash at Epping Way.  The results:  25 bags of trash, 220 tires, 5 mattresses, 4 couches, 2 toilets, a lot of carpeting, 1 large mirror, and many other large items!



Posted by Cathy Justis at 3:06 PM