River Guide Resources


As a land trust, the primary mission of the Wolf River Conservancy is to protect the Wolf River watershed through conservation easements, land acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and outreach and education.  Funding comes primarily from private donations, membership fees, and Wolf River Conservancy-sponsored events.  Most programs could not be offered, if it were not for an active volunteer force, including Conservancy River Guides.  The future of most service organizations often rests with the skill and initiatives of their volunteers.  The Wolf River Conservancy is no different.

Those Wolf River Conservancy members interested in becoming Certified WRC River Guides may apply to the Wolf River Conservancy River Guide Program Once accepted, river guide candidates will receive a copy of the requirements checklist, the training manual, and other related materials.  On behalf of the Conservancy, trainees must aspire to educate themselves, become knowledgeable, not only in leadership paddling skills but understand the internal workings of the organization itself.  The website contains a great deal of information along this line.  Trainees should study the River Section Descriptions, the training manual, maps, and photographs and also become familiar with the river itself through experience.                    


The River Guide Certification Program is a self-guided, set-your-own-pace program.  The amount of time needed for certification depends on the candidate's past experience, how much effort one can put into assisting other guides, and personal motivation.  The Conservancy staff time is limited, which likely will necessitate following your own initiatives.  Some certification events are held only once a year, making it hard to complete the program in less than one year.  We recommend candidates set a goal of one to two years to finish the requirements.  For additional guidance, trainees may find it helpful to paddle with an experienced, already certified river guide.  River guides will also be encouraged to mentor graduates of the Wolf River Conservation Corps and to become familiar with this program.  Some checklist items can be accomplished by volunteering in the other olf River Conservancy programs, like the Conservation Corps events.   

The Conservancy recognizes its certified river guide program as a vital direct link, with members, donors, and future volunteers.  We sincerely would appreciate your helping us move forward with the Conservancy mission and the education of those you come in contact with.  As questions arise, please feel free to contact our Director of Outreach, Jim Gafford, at jim.gafford@wolfriver.org

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