School Programs

A vital part of the Wolf River Conservancy’s mission is to educate members of the community about the Wolf River and its value as a natural, educational and recreational resource. We are committed to providing quality educational programming to people of all ages, and especially to young people, the future stewards of the Wolf River as well as our local and global environment.

The Wolf River Conservancy is proud to provide free environmental education programming to K-12 students in the Wolf River Watershed, in Shelby County Schools, and throughout the Mid South. We seek to connect classroom concepts to the real world by offering place-based education, hands-on activities, service projects, and field trips, in addition to presentations on the Wolf River and a variety of related topics. All programs reinforce education standards used in Shelby County Schools.  There is no cost for our programming; transportation costs for students can be covered under some circumstances. Contact WRC Education Director Cathy Justis for more information,

Topics can include but are not limited to:

· The Wolf River

· Watersheds

· Water Quality

· Water Pollution

· Local Water Resources

· Conservation

· Biodiversity

· Ecology

· Wildlife (e.g, bats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, aquatic organisms,   butterflies, pollinators, native plants, invasive species) 

Not seeing what you’re interested in?  Please contact Cathy Justis at  We’ll do our best to design a program that meets your needs!

Field Trip and Service Project Locations include but are not limited to:

· Your school campus

· Wolf River Greenway

· Kennedy Park

· Shelby Farms Park

· William B. Clark Preserve

· Ghost River State Natural Area











We offer flexible programming to accommodate as much as possible the needs of any group in our community - from pre-schools and kindergartens to high schools and universities to garden clubs and churches - offering indoor Power Point programs and outdoor field trips and service projects. If you do not see exactly what you have in mind below, please contact our Education Director to discuss it.


K-12 Classroom Presentations

We want to help you and your students get connected to the Wolf River, a tremendous natural resource flowing through our own community. A WRC educator can come to  your classroom or auditorium to talk about the Wolf River. Presentations usually consist of a Power Point slideshow from 45 min. to 1 hr. long. Wildlife artifacts and other visual aids may be included depending on venue, time liimit, and group size.

Field Trips

Field trips to locations along the urban or rural Wolf River are arranged individually with teachers. Large groups (up to 80 students) can usually be accommodated with enough planning time. The WRC Education Director can help you choose the most appropriate location and activities for your group.

Service Projects

If you are interested in a service project with your group, please click here for more information.

Educator Workshops 

Project WET is a widely recognized water education curriculum.  Thanks to support from Buckman, we are able to offer Project WET Educator Workshops at no cost to local educators and other interested adults. Participants receive the Project WET 2.0 Educators Curriculum and Activity Guide.  Workshops often take place at Memphis Botanic Garden

An Educator’s Guide to the Wolf River

Now available as a PDF file. To download, please click HERE.

Community Group Presentations

We will be happy to speak to your garden club, church group, college class, community center, or other group! Please contact or call 452-6500, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.