2020 Education Programs and Resources

   Email Cathy Justis, education@wolfriver.org.

Google Classroom Lessons (please email for link):

Elementary:  The Parts of a Plant (slides, worksheets, activities)

                      Photosynthesis: The Plant Superpower! (slides, worksheets, activities                    

Middle/High:  A Brief Tour of the Wolf River (slides, guided notes, activities)



ics can be arranged by a teacher or parent for a particular group of K-12 students by emailing education@wolfriver.org. (Introduction to the Wolf River, Watersheds, Water Quality, Aquatic Ecology,The Importance of Native Plants, Birds, etc.).  A Zoom invitation can be provided by either the Education Director or the group organizer.

Look for additional programs, such as virtual field trips to the Epping Way Greenway and to the Ghost River State Natural Area, in the near future.

Citizen Science App's and Websites

These are some of the tools which help people enjoy the outdoors while also contributing to a scientific database.  Excellent for building observation and STEM skills in students.



Project Noah

Journey North


Other Resources

Nature Scavenger Hunt (preK-3)

Epping Way Scavenger Hunt 

Flora and Fauna of Epping Way - online field guide