Ryan Hall

Director of Land Conservation


I am blessed for the opportunity to work for the Wolf River Conservancy, doing what I love – land conservation. My position as Land Protection Associate is a perfect match for my learned skills from both my forestry and city planning degrees. I understand from my summer internship with the Wolf River Conservancy that land conservation and this organization are complex and challenging professional environments that require focused work, perseverance, and a sense of humor. Thankfully, I am confident that I have each of these characteristics (even if you don’t get my jokes).

Providing a base for my work ethic, my parents have always set a positive and motivational atmosphere that has fueled my completion of two college degrees. After completing a Bachelors of Science in Forestry from Mississippi State University, I had the broad understanding of functioning ecosystems and the conservation tools to manage individual properties for various environmental and humanistic goals. I enjoyed what forestry provided me (fieldwork and working for the greater environmental good one property at a time), but yearned for an even greater impact on the world around me. Manipulating land uses seemed as though it would better secure natural landscapes than just practicing forestry. A Masters of City and Regional Planning from Clemson University gave me the knowledge of land use at multiple levels, including watersheds. To fully utilize my education, I decided to do my terminal project on prioritizing lands for land conservation for the Wolf River Conservancy. This combination of environmental science and planning into a single project would not only help me to obtain a master’s degree but also land me a full-time position.