Wolf Crossing Section

The Wolf Crossing section, mile fourteen of the Wolf River Greenway Trail, boasts a 270-foot cable stayed suspension bridge over the Wolf River, and a raised concrete boardwalk through the scenic Lucius Burch State Natural Area. This much anticipated section opened in November of 2021, connecting the Shelby Farms Greenline and the Wolf River Greenway Trail further east. The closest access for this section is from the free street parking along N. Humphreys Blvd, shown on the map below, and linked here on Google Maps. Click here to download a brochure for this section.

Green-way or Green-line?
There is common confusion between these two urban walking/biking trails. The Shelby Farms Greenline, a former railroad line, is a trail running in a straight line, and managed by the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy. The Wolf River Greenway is a trail alongside the Wolf River, and is managed by the Wolf River Conservancy and City of Memphis Parks and Neighborhoods Division. These two crucial urban pedestrian trails meet in the Lucius Burch State Natural Area at a raised viewing plaza with benches and maps.

The Wolf River Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the Wolf River Watershed as a sustainable natural resource. The Wolf River Greenway Trail is our signature project that enables us to bring people closer to the lands and waters that nourish them. However, A careful balance between conservation and public access must first be found to ensure natural areas are conserved for future generations to enjoy. Creation of the Greenway trail has enhanced habitats via nonnative invasive plant removal. By using a robust raised boardwalk in the Lucius Burch State Natural Area, the Greenway Trail not only removed invasive species but also limited disturbance to sensitive wetland soils that filter and recharge groundwater.