Volunteer Service Award

The Wolf River Conservancy Service Award is awarded annually to an individual or family who has demonstrated outstanding service to the mission of the WRC through gifts of personal time, talent or treasure.   Award recipients are selected from the list of nominees submitted by members of the WRC and the wider community.



1. Award may be given only to a registered member, volunteer, donor or family in recognition of service to the Wolf River Conservancy and/or its mission.
2. Will be given only to individuals or families and not to corporations.
3. “Outstanding Service” is considered what is reasonably expected to be “above and beyond.”
4. May only be given once.
6. Current staff members are not eligible.
7. The Wolf River Conservancy Service Award recognizes any one of the following areas, or any combination thereof:
       Time: individuals or families who have volunteered a significant amount of time to the betterment of the Wolf River Conservancy through, for example, special events, office support, executive/committee leadership, volunteer programs or leadership to service projects.
       Talent:  individuals or families who have donated significant professional/personal talents and skills toward the mission of WRC. Professional services could include accounting, bookkeeping, scientific knowledge, engineering services, fundraising, land management skills, photography, education, etc.
       Treasure:  individuals or families who have given financially to the Wolf River Conservancy through any of the following: annual campaign, gifts in kind, conservation easements, property donations, estate planning, etc.


1. Nominations are submitted via the nomination form below.
2. An Award Committee of no less than 5 and no more than 8 members is formed by, but not chaired by, the WRC Board Chair and can include non-members of the Wolf River Conservancy.  The Award Committee is responsible for the ultimate selection of award recipients from the submitted nominees.


Award Nomination Form