Connecting Communities Capital Campaign

To advance our mission, the Wolf River Conservancy is embarking on Phase II of the Connecting Communities Capital Campaign, in partnership with the City of Memphis Parks & Neighborhoods Division and Shelby County, to connect the Wolf River Greenway throughout the entire city of Memphis. The final project will unite our community by a single trail spanning over 26 miles - from the westernmost edge of Memphis at Mud Island through North Memphis and Raleigh to the furthermost eastern point of entry in Germantown and Collierville. 

To date, we have opened 10 miles to the public, with another six miles currently under construction. Phase II of the Connecting Communities Capital Campaign will raise the final funds needed to complete and connect the remaining 10 miles of trail, and equally as important, will activate the Wolf River Greenway through community programming, environmental education opportunities and recreational amenities. The Greenway will give Memphis the potential to become a model city of the 21st century, protecting valued resources and providing services and benefits for our community.

Case Statement for Support

Please view our case statement for support by clicking the image below.